PPKK (Schoenfeld & Scoufaras)

Louis-Philippe Scoufaras
*1981 in Montreal
lives and works in Berlin and Athens

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld
*1979 in Berlin
lives and works in Berlin

PPKK 08.00
15:48 min

In the context of the online lockdown version of ‘Queer body against____’ (in der Kubatur des Kabinetts, Fluc) during Vienna Art Week 2020, curated by #FFBF00, the duo PPKK has developed a situation empathic curative guided brain frequency alteration tour, conveniently available for personal home use and sourced from the Brazilian proverb: Everyone who has an asshole feels fear.

This audio trip guides you through an inner landscape, connecting topics such as the healing properties of hydrogen sulfide gas on cell death, humor production according to ancient medicinal theory, the South American mythological figure Pu’iito - a spirit anus - and finally, privatisation and collective investment of the organs discussed by Deleuze and Guattari. This mind blowing job is laboured in order to instrumentalize the final eclectic and multidimensional product as a quick fix measure for frag-mental anxiety. The tour is escorted by the beneficial vibrations of binaural beats on brain waves, generated by sound recordings stemming from human winds, contributed by exhibition participants.

PPKK recommends hystorical humor outbursts as a curative tool against______.

Voice: Miriam Stoney

PPKK is a casual nomadic lab founded in Berlin in 2016 by Sarah Ancelle Schoenfeld and Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, in the pursuit of analyzing, reflecting upon and digesting specific (local) contexts, generating mythological, technological and excessive trickster outputs in order to shift perspectives and enable juicy new interpretations.