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Queer body against_____________

curated by #FFBF00
(Victoria Dejaco + Julia Frank)

Social networks and the increased online visibility of marginalized groups, their issues, conflicts and concerns in recent years, have also increased the radical opposition of a conservative, homophobic, racist response. It could be a final surge of global, white, patriarchal power structures, but it could also take generations before equality and tolerance, a responsibility for society and liberal values prevail.
The struggle for a more just society is a daily task and must permeate all areas of our lives and the everyday. In this sense "Queer body against _______" is a celebration of the progressive, the future, tolerance. All minorities together, are the majority. By "queer body" we understand therefore not only the individual body, but also the social body of people who identify as queer. Global capitalism needs new practices around gender and sexuality, since it has biopolitically occupied the body and sexuality since modernity.
Intersectional feminism stands for equal conditions and opportunities for all, against all forms of exploitation under capitalism and alternative ways of coming together.

Victoria Dejaco and Julia Frank are a couple and a curatorial collective.






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